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Lower-Right Hand Portion :

“AA” is the official seal of the founder of Angeles – Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda. They stand for “Angel – Angeles”. The year 1796 commemorates the star of the first clearing of Barrio Culiat which was to become a town and now a city. The golden background symbolizes the great achievement and success of the founders and the people who helped them in making Barrio Culiat (1796) into a town (1829), in spite of the 33 years of struggle against the unkind forces of men and nature. Hotels Angeles

Lower Left-Hand Portion :

The war standard of the great Filipino leader, General Emilio Aguinaldo is put in the prominence here to commemorate an inspiring historical event in which Angeles played a memorable part. On June 1899, Angeles was the seat of the government of the young and struggling Philippine Republic. With the Pamintuan residence as the Presidential Palace. On the 12th of that month, the first anniversary of the declaration of independence (June 12, 1898), which was won through the very blood, tears, and sacrifices of the Filipino people, was proudly celebrated in Angeles, amidst military parades, civic parades, official speeches and general rejoicing. The famous American Forces, participated and led the military parade. President Aguinaldo and members of his cabinet personally officiated in the Angeles Independence Day celebrations.

The red background symbolizes the contribution of the Angeles residents to the cause of freedom during the national struggle against the foreign invaders. This color also symbolizes the martyrdom of those Angeles citizens who so unselfishly sacrificed their very lives in the struggle for social reforms and for the defense and upliftment of the long-oppressed masses.

Upper Right-Hand Portion :

The hawk (Balawe) clutching the symbolic shell of abundance and leading a flight of small birds, represents the economic leadership of Angeles City among other Pampanga towns represented here by the small birds. The blue background symbolizes the vastness of the economic potentialities which Angeles City has, and much of it is only waiting to be tapped. This, of course can only be realized through the guidance of a new kind of leadership and with full cooperation of all citizens.

Upper Left-Hand Portion :

The golden leaf is purposely patterned after an Antipulu tree leaf because the Antipulu tree is well-known for its tallness, longevity in existence and dignity in appearance. Basing from these attributes, the golden Antipulu leaf symbolizes greatness, permanence and honor which will characterize the beginning of the future progress and development of the city of Angeles as a local community, which is sensitive to the idealism of our great heroes and to the aspirations of our nation to greatness self determination. This golden Antipulu leaf also represents a new leadership that will guide a community, far on the road of prosperity. The white background signifies the purity of intention and nobility of purpose of this leadership.

The ancient Filipino shield on which these four symbolism are placed signifies the responsibilities and obligations of the Angeles City Government in protecting and preserving the rights and dignity of every city resident as democracy demands. The shield is surrounded by the Culiat vine with its 32 fruit clusters representing the existing 32 barrios of Angeles City. The words “Lungsod ng Angeles” are written in the style of the ancient Tagalogscript, and the decoration of the year “1964” is patterned after the Sari-Manok motif so as to emphasize the revival and preservation of our ancient culture. The green background symbolizes the abounding fertility of the agricultural lands of the city of Angeles.

Home > Philippines > Hotels Angeles

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