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Step through the doors of Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila and discover a home-like accommodation amid the endless urban energy gleaming around the city. Strategically located at the heart of Ermita, Manila, Philippines, our 4-star business luxury hotel is a place where classic meets contemporary and indulgence is a fine art.

Give in to a delightful stay in our newly refurbished rooms that still carry the rich heritage of our property. In here, the ambience is subtle and calming, a welcome contrast to the excitement of the locale. To ensure a more convenient vacation or business trip, these exquisite lodgings are paired with first-rate facilities, such as a restaurant, sports and music bar, multi-functional hall, outdoor pool, spa, and casino.

Moreover, beyond the four walls of our hotel are various places of interest ranging from historical sites to places of amusement. Without having to travel far, you can treat yourself and your loved ones with fun bonding moments in some of Manila’s tourist attractions. With all these irresistible offerings, your stays at Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila is definitely bound to be perfectly fulfilling and something that you would want to repeat.

Home > Philippines > Hotels Manila > Waterfront Pavilion Hotel Casino Manila

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